Beet Tefila

Beet Tefila means House of Prayer or Temple and has the functions of a Synagogue. Beet Tefila is there for Israeli and Sephardic Jews with cultural, social and educational and of course religious activities, in the heart of Rotterdam. Chairman is Rabbi Meir Villegas Hendríquez. Besides Beet Tefila there is Ohel Abraham, Ohel Abraham is an Orthodox - Jewish study platform where everyone is welcome. The Torah is taught as much as possible from the Andalusian tradition, but in an unorthodox and unusual way and by that they mean the most kehillot in The Netherlands, fortunately, it has not a closed character and that makes Ohel Abraham so special! ! What I personally also find very special is that Ohel Abraham is also open to Gioer, Gioer is conversion to Judaism, for those who want this can turn to the chairman Rabbi Meïr Villegas Hendríquez, You do not just convert to Judaism it is also  preceded by a learning process, becoming Jewish is more than just adopting a religion, it is also joining the Jewish people, it is living according to the Mitzvot and is a whole process to go through.