This video probably expains the difference in Chaddisim. I always thought the same way about Chabad and how open and all the information about almost anything important of something you want to look up, its all there on their website! I am very impressed!


Boro Park ~ What Hasidic Women has to say!


Satmar Hasidic


What do people actually know about the Satmar Hasidic, I went down the internet and what I encountered was shocking,  we are being called a "Sect" on various websites, this does not only sound negative and puts us away as a kind of extreme group with otherworldly ideas, but nothing could be further from the truth! Also the movies like Un-Orthodox and "One of Us" portray us as such, they don't show the real " Us", its stigmatizing us! In both movies we are portrayed as a community where only terrible things are  happening, I'm not saying the people behind these stories made this up, maybe i just don't know, it's just that to every story there are two sides and in these cases I only heard one, it is also true that wherever in the world you go these kinds of things happen, without this being widely reported in the media and provided with a movie, this puts us in a very bad light and that is painful. I myself do not have these experiences and what Un-Orthodox does not show is a very closeknit community, always ready to help on another, where you feel you belong, where traditions are important, where we try as hard as we can to live by the tenets.

Bad things happen everywhere, please put that in perspective!

This is what Orthodox Jews has to say about Un- Orthodox



What is Orthodox, which movements are there and what is correct about films or series about the (Ultra) Orthodox community, Rabbi Avraham Friedman can explain this in a nice and understandable way, he gives a lot of information and removes the confusion that is possible originated around the movie "Unorthodox"! Listen and think about what Rabbi Avraham Friedman has to say.

What is Hasidic Judaism?

Beri Weber a Orthodox musician

first impression of a Hasific life

Malky is amazing!!