Satmar Hasidic Chassene ♥️

The Chassene (wedding) is full of traditions and rituals and this differs from liberal Jewish chassene, but also between Ashkenazi and Serfardishe. Normally two people get to know each other, fall in love and get married, with Hasidic Jews this is a little bit different, because a Shadchen is used, a marriage broker and he organizes conversations between the marriage candidates, this goes according to wish and is there is a click then it can lead to a marriage, when this is the case a date is set, this can never be on a holiday or Shabbat. Before the Jewish rituals can take place, a civil marriage must first be concluded for the law.



The groom is called to come to Shul (synagogue) for a Torah reading! With Liberal Jews, the bride is also summoned.

A week before the wedding the bride and groom are not allowed to see each other, also there is a fixed week, on the day of the wedding the bride-to-be takes a bath in Mikveh, this is a ritual cleansing, forgiveness is asked from all sins, together the bride-to-be pray that no problems will arise in the present and the future.

The bridegroom sees his bride before her face is covered with a veil, this is a mitzvah, otherwise there can be no marriage. The Bride and Groom are then taken to the Chuppah and according to tradition three generations will be present here as far as possible. The bride walks around the groom three times, this can be up to seven times and often happens with the mother and mother-in-law, this represents a wall with which the woman protects the man from all possible temptations, the groom walks around the bride twice, the last time they walk one more lap together. The Ketubah is chosen, this is the marriage certificate, a blessing is pronounced over the wine by the rabbi, the ring is placed on the right index finger of the bride, then the groom declares his allegiance, this is because I Judaism forbids forced marriages the bride also takes the wedding vow.

At the end of the ceremony, the groom smashes the cloth wrapped glass, symbolizing the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple, the guests shout Mazal tov while tapping the glass. The newlyweds can finally be alone for a while, this is proof that they are married.