Holocaust survivors singing Hatikvah

The Holocaust


 Personally I find this difficult, but because it is also part of our history, of the trauma's that are sometimes passed on through generations, which often never close the wounds completely, for many is still not closed, something that goes on in the background is still present. Also for us, for my grandmother, who saw both her parents together with her sister for the last time after they had found two families in a other European country  who wanted to give my grandmother and her sister's shelter and later had them go into hiding in a safer place, that my great grandparents did everything they could to get their children into safety and were themselves murdered for the simple reason that they were Jewish and that still leaves a void and pain! There were other children, some of which I know also ended up in Concentration camps. We have no relatives who have returned unfortunately. For privacy and privacy reasons and out of respect for the wishes of part of my family, I have promised to post no names, no places and no photos.


Documentation of Atrocities~ Jewish Photographer Hendryk Ross

The Auschwitz album~ Visual evidence of the process leading up to the mass murder at Auschwitz - Birkenau

The secret Holocaust diary of a 14 year old Polish Jewish girl Rutka Laskier, who was murdered in Auschwitz in 1943.

Testemonies van Holocaust overlevenden

Anita Lester Walvisch

Susan Pollack

Lily Ebert

Lily Ebert is a Jewish woman from Hungary, a 97 year old Holocaust survivor from Auschwitz. This wonderful and courageous woman has made it her mission to tell her story, she is assisted by her great-grandson Dov Forman, he has created a TikTok account for his great-grandma and made a video based on questions asked by followers and answers this one, some I'm going to post here and in other places here on the site. Lily Ebert inspires me to also do what I can to fight Anti-Semitism and make sure that through Jew-hatred there is never a repeat of the holocaust!