I am so happy that Lily's Promis is a instant Best Seller ♥️

I fallow Lily and her Great grandson Dov on Tik Tok, and Lily inspires me a great deal! I lost my great grandparents and other family members in the Holocaust, no one came back!

But Lily Ebert tells her story, but also the stories of many, who are not with us anymore,who can't tell their story, i really like to say " A Groysn dank " to Lily and also to Dov, i think it is very special in the way Dov is creating awareness against Antisemitism together with his lovely Great Grandmother  ♥️

Lily Ebert a 97-year-old Auschwitz survivor, who answers questions about the Holocaust in an honest and fascinating way about her experiences in Auschwitz, also how she learned to live in a nice way, shared her experiences to " Awareness" and get the message across, because as she says "This should never happen again"! Together with her great-grandson Dov Forman on TikTok, where he created an account for her, Dov also thinks it is very important to get a lot of attention for the Holocaust.


Dear Lily is amazing and sure we all can learn something from her, especially in times like this!!

Nothing begins with bad things, its begins with words~ Lily Ebert

The pain is always there 💔😢

Swastika make's Lily shiver! It should makes everyone shiver! 

Shabbat Shalom to Lily Ebert & Dov 🕯🕯

Sometimes somebody comes into your life, in whatever way that may be, who just inspires you so much.

To me this is Lily Ebert ♥️♥️

The importance of education about the Holocaust, especially in times like these when anti-Semitism is on the rise again!

You can choose between a happy life, or no life and Lily chose a happy life!

Shabbat Shalom from Lily on TikTok

Daily life in Auschwitz , " It was no life" !

Lily as a 97 jear old Holocaust survivor, never thought that she had to witness today this terrible antisemitism!

This beautiful little girl is Lily's little sister, she was killed in Auschwitz!

Its was not that people didn't  want to help, but there was nobody that could help


Havdalah after sunset to say goodbye to Shabbat, to separate Shabbat from the new week!


500k fallowers on TikTok, thats something to be proud of