What is Shabbat?


Shabbat has to do with creation, on the sixth day HaShem stopped, stopped and rested and that was not so much because He was tired, but more so to teach us to stop working, stop all activities, with this we also recognize the existence of our creator. On this day,  for 24 hours we stop our activities. Preparations often start straight after Shabbat when the new week has started, especially with the more religious Jews, everything is planned as not to forget anything. Who do we invite, the music, the flowers and of course which dish we want to make, usually we do make for Shabbat itself Cholent, this is a ovendish of meat and vegtable,there are many variations.

Thank God its friday, the baking of the challah can begin, Challah is Jewish bread, which can be baked yourself or at a Jewish baker or maybe even at a regular baker. Before the Challah goes into the oven we pronounce a blessing, when the bread is ready we put it on a special Challah dish with a Challah cloth over it, just like the bread we also pronounce a blessing on the wine and the food. Shabbat should be a special day and starts already on Erev Shabbat, at exactly 18 minutes before sunset and a kiddush is pronounced, this is a mitzvah, a commandment, it is a symbol of the Shabbat celebration. These acts are done by women, but that doesn't mean men shouldn't do it when they're single or for other reasons. The table is set with a white tablecloth, beautiful cutlery. wine glasses and the Challah dish with the bread,  We also dress up in our special clothes for Shabbat, and of course we wear our headwear, Hasidic women wear a wig or tichel ( headscarf) at all times outside the bedroom. After lighting the candles, which are usually 2 ( with more children, they often light more candles). Woman says the prayer, while covering their eyes.

Often women says some blessings for their children.

What not to do on Shabbat!


🔹️ Driving a car.



🔹️Using electrical Appliances.

🔹️Play musical Instruments.

What is allowed during Shabbat!

🔹️Celebrating Shabbat with family.

🔹️Visit Shul.

🔹️Visit family and Friends in walking distance.


🔹️Learn, read the Torah and study.

🔹️Sleeping together (with your husband or wife only) on Friday night is that a double mitzvah because the reproduction combines with the Shabbat celebration, as the Torah says!!

Orthodox Judaism and the Commandment are Not to Violate Shabbat. Only a Rabbi may judge when Shabbat may be violated. Any Jew is allowed to violate Shabbat when there is danger to someones life! The distance that is allowed to walk is 1200 meters, this is the same distance from Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives.


What do we eat on Shabbat


Food is a gift from HaShem and is part of every celebration! On Friday evening erev Shabbat, our meal consists of Challah, chicken soup, matza balls and beef with vegetables, this can also be with potatoes or rice. Among the Orthodox Jews it is customary to make Cholent on Saturdays because it does not take much time, this is a stew that is prepared in the oven. A Shabbat meal can also consist of a cold meal, with salads, fruit, cheese and fish or turkey sandwiches.

Erev Shabbat

Shabbat is celebrated and the Shabbat meal, wine and music make erev Shabbat special! Shabbat itself is a day of rest, during the day of rest you can read, walk, visit and that preferably to needy, lonely people and the sick, the latter is actually a mitzvah for every day, but even more so on Shabbat



On Saturday evening after sunset, Shabbat for this week comes to an end, to make it go more smoothly we have a ceremony called Havdalah, which means separation between Shabbat and the ordinary week, between the holy and the unholy, or light and darkness, it is a separation that HaShem has appointed. With the Havdalah we say goodbye to Shabbat and recognize the transition to the new week. At Havdalah we need a havdalah candle, which is a braided candle with two wicks, a wine cup, wine and spices. In order not to explain the whole Havdalah I thought it more fun to show it.

Havdalah song